“Companies have their skeletons hidden in the archives of steel, have their childhood wounds” – said (in Brasilia, Nineteen Hours) Eugenio Bucci, past president of EBN – Radiobrás – EBC, to whom he rented his soul for four years, the company that houses The Ghosts of National Radio.
                        Leandro Fortes, the farewell in 2004 (EBC Community in Orkut) wrote that the Radio Nacional is “so eclectic, so full of wealth and misérias, so full of stories and destinations. So Brazil, finally. “

Pombal - photo by Mamcasz

                      Pombal de Gente Inacabada
                 This is what I am since December 1980 since the previous EBN – Brazilian News, where he was president, which was dismissed by then President José Sarney (ah … the ghosts never die!). In fact, my history with the National Radio begins even before he was born because my father through it, now ghost then expeditionary square in Italy, World War II, sent messages to his then fiancee, my future mother, also a ghost today.
                    This blog is a make of the book in late pregnancy that brings the ghosts of the National Radio of the golden years, the 40s, the undead from the deceased never decrepitude, which began with the suicide of Getúlio old in 50 years. They say it was a plague before the shot in the chest, which initiated the collapse of National Radio, which would never have the golden years of the 40s.
                    And so, VOU DAR LINHA À PIPA QUE O VENTO ESTÁ A FAVOR,    as  said to us my brother Tim Lopes, now ghost-mor (read Offertory, above).