I’m not crazy … it’s little

If I shot part ot the whole

Of this heart of mine


I’m not little … it`s crazy

If I pop the kernels

Of this heart of mine



I’m not crazy … it’s either

If I try to shoot at the middle

Of this heart of mine


I’m not crazy … it’s meager

If I start at the very core

Of this heart of mine


I’m not this … neither I try

To extract anything from my mind

Of this heart of mine.

(All of this just leave from me. Well well.  Without shot I don’t put cuffs on dominant point. No intimacy with  comma, exclamation or interrogation. Much less in the attached reticents. Point for me is only one. It’s like a shot in my heart. A singleand ready . This is the end, my beautiful frien. Just a point.)