After 28 years ago, from Comunist Era (Chernobill) to actual Capitalist Fera(!).

I am going to Praha, Prague, Praga.

Don’ t mass with me, cambada of pickpocket, bad taxi drivers, black market of money, false police, fucked waiters and so.

I want just walk, talk, think, look around of the city.

Don’t fuck meu saco.

And, of course, beginning this May,1 (the big communist party), I will present, just here, along 35 days, only in Prague, my point of reality.

Take care, roman people.


From Nazism to Comunism to Capitalism.

All the same sheet.

Tudo a lesma lerda.

And so, leave me alone.

My name is FRANK KAFKA, porra,meu.

praga by mamcasz